Seize the Opportunity: Rising Home Values and Buying Now


The current real estate market offers a prime opportunity for buyers to capitalize on rising home values. With sluggish new listings, sellers have a higher chance of quickly selling their old homes at desired prices.

For investors, the market is favorable for rental properties, with national rents increasing by 22% and low vacancy rates.

First home buyers can also benefit from family support loans and government schemes.

By taking action now, buyers can secure a property before potential price increases and receive expert support from Make My Finance.

Key Takeaways

  • Upgrading to a new home now may result in a prompt sale of your old home at the desired price, as new listings are sluggish.
  • Climbing property values present an opportunity to save on your next home if you upgrade sooner rather than later.
  • Buyer demand has increased significantly, with a 15% rise in groups attending open-for-inspections between January and February 2023.
  • Investing in rental properties can be advantageous due to rising rents, low vacancy rates, and strong tenant demand.

Upgrading to Your Next Home

Buyers who are considering upgrading to their next home should take advantage of the sluggish new listings. This increases the chances of selling their old home promptly at the desired price. To maximize their budget for a new home, sellers can follow these tips for selling their current home quickly.

Firstly, staging the home can make a significant difference in attracting potential buyers. By decluttering, depersonalizing, and highlighting the home’s best features, sellers can create a welcoming and appealing environment.

Additionally, pricing the home competitively is crucial. Researching the local market and setting a realistic price can attract more buyers and lead to faster sales.

Finally, marketing the home effectively is essential. Utilizing online listings, professional photography, and virtual tours can reach a wider audience and generate more interest.

Investing in a Rental Property

Investors can take advantage of the tight rental market and increasing rental growth by investing in a rental property. With rents rising by 22% nationally over the past 12 months and a national vacancy rate of only 1%, there is a high demand for rental properties.

This demand is expected to continue as the opening of Australia’s borders leads to a stronger than expected recovery in population growth. As a result, there is a shortage of rental properties, which benefits investors with attractive rental growth opportunities.

Buying a rental property now before property values rise further can be advantageous, especially for those with increased home equity. By investing in the rental property market, investors can tap into the strong tenant demand and potentially generate significant returns.

First Home Buyers

First-time home purchasers face the challenge of saving a deposit, as affording ongoing mortgage repayments is not their primary hurdle. To assist buyers with small deposits, there are various government schemes and mortgage options available.

One such scheme is the First Home Buyer Guarantee (FHBG), which is available to 35,000 eligible first-home buyers in the current financial year, with an additional 35,000 places in the next financial year. Additionally, the Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee (RFHBG) provides support to 10,000 eligible first home buyers until June 30, 2023.

These government schemes, coupled with options like family support loans, help alleviate the deposit-saving challenge for first-time buyers. It is advisable for potential buyers to consult with a Mortgage Choice broker to explore the available options and create a roadmap to buying their first home.

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Value Before Prices Rise Further

The current real estate market presents a favorable window for individuals looking to make a smart investment before prices increase further. Timing the market effectively and optimizing borrowing power are key considerations in taking advantage of this opportunity.

Understanding the local property market conditions and consulting with experts like Make My Finance can provide valuable insights and support in making informed decisions. Property price movements can be unpredictable, but the recent upswing in property values and the Reserve Bank’s rate pause indicate a positive environment for property plans.

With demand outstripping supply and attractive rental growth, now is a good time to seize the opportunity and secure a property before potential price increases. By leveraging borrowing power optimization and staying informed about market trends, investors can position themselves for long-term wealth through property investment.

Expert Support and Resources

Make My Finance provide valuable insights and support to individuals looking to make informed decisions in the current real estate market. With rising home values and an increase in buyer demand, it is crucial to have expert support and resources to navigate the market successfully.

The Reserve Bank’s rate pause and the recent upswing in property values have created a favorable environment for property plans. The PropTrack Home Price Index confirms that demand is outstripping supply, leading to an uptick in property values. Additionally, the rental market is tight, and investor enquiries are increasing due to attractive rental growth.

To build long-term wealth through property investment, Make My Finance offer strategies tailored to individual needs and goals. With their market-focused approach and data-driven insights, individuals can seize the opportunity and make the most of the current real estate market.

Taking Advantage of Favorable Market Conditions

Buyers can leverage favorable market conditions to maximize their real estate investments. With climbing property values and a surge in buyer demand, now is an opportune time to take advantage of the market. Finding the right mortgage and maximizing home equity are key strategies to make the most of this situation.

By securing a favorable mortgage rate, buyers can save thousands of dollars over the life of their loan. It’s crucial to shop around and compare offers from different lenders to find the best deal. Additionally, maximizing home equity by making timely mortgage payments and implementing smart home improvements can increase the value of the property and provide a higher return on investment.

Analyzing market data and consulting with a trusted real estate agent or mortgage broker can help buyers navigate the current market and make informed decisions. By capitalizing on these favorable conditions, buyers can position themselves for long-term financial success in the real estate market.

Securing Your Property Before Potential Price Increases

Acting swiftly could help potential homeowners secure a property before prices further increase in the market. Timing property purchases is crucial in the current market where demand is high and supply is limited.

The PropTrack Home Price Index indicates that property values are on the rise, and with the rental market being tight, investors are increasingly interested in real estate. Securing a property quickly is essential as buyer activity in February often sets the tone for sales in the coming months.

By taking action now, homebuyers can potentially save on their next home before values climb even higher. Consulting with a Mortgage Choice broker can provide expert support and guidance in navigating the market and finding the right property.

Don’t miss the opportunity to secure your dream home before potential price increases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Tips for Maximizing the Sale Price of Your Old Home When Upgrading to a New One?

To maximize the sale price of your old home when upgrading, consider staging it well, making necessary repairs, and highlighting its unique features. These strategies can attract more buyers and potentially lead to a higher selling price.

How Can Potential Buyers Take Advantage of the Increased Buyer Demand in the Current Market?

Potential buyers can maximize profits in the current market by capitalizing on increased buyer demand. By implementing real estate strategies, they can take advantage of the surge in open-for-inspections and secure a property before prices rise further.

Are There Any Government Schemes or Programs Available to Assist First Home Buyers With Small Deposits?

Yes, there are government schemes available to assist first home buyers with small deposits. These schemes, such as the First Home Guarantee and Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee, can help buyers navigate the current property market conditions.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Determining Borrowing Power and Assessing Local Property Market Conditions?

When determining borrowing power and assessing local property market conditions, factors such as income, credit score, existing debts, and the current state of the housing market should be considered. These factors can influence the amount of money a person can borrow and the affordability of a property.

How Can Make My Finance Help Individuals Build Long-Term Wealth Through Property Investment?

Make My Finance assist individuals in building long-term wealth through property investment by providing expert advice on building equity and property diversification. Their data-driven and market-focused approach helps clients make informed investment decisions.

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