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Are you looking for a reliable partner to navigate the world of asset finance in Perth? Look no further than "Make My Finance." As a Loan Broker, our commitment to quality and service excellence helps simplify and streamline our asset acquisition journey.

At Make My Finance, we'll guide you through getting essential things like machines or vehicles without paying all the money upfront. Instead, you can spread out the payments over time.

Asset finance is like a tool that helps you buy valuable things, from machines to gadgets. Instead of paying all the money at once, you can pay a little bit every month. This is useful because it saves money and lets you start using your new things immediately.

When to Choose Asset Finance

Preserving Your Capital: If you want to hold onto your money for other vital matters, asset finance can help you use it wisely.

Flexibility in Repayments: When you need flexibility in paying back the money, asset finance offers different options. Think of it as having choices that suit your situation, just like in the previous example.

Access to Modern Assets: Access to the latest technology and equipment matters greatly in rapidly changing industries. Asset finance lets you stay up-to-date by providing access to top-quality assets, similar to how you understood it earlier.

Tax Benefits: If you want to pay less in taxes, asset finance can help, depending on how you set things up. Like before, you can talk to Make My Finance experts to understand this, as you did in the provided example.

Preserved Credit Options: By using asset finance, you avoid using up your credit or borrowing capacity. This allows you to explore other business opportunities or financial goals, as you explained in the example.

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Types of Asset Finance

Asset finance encompasses various solutions tailored to different needs:

Hire Purchase: This involves paying a deposit upfront and spreading the remaining cost over an agreed-upon period. Once all payments are made, asset ownership is transferred to you.

Finance Lease: Under a finance lease, you have the use of the asset for an agreed term in exchange for regular payments. At the end of the lease term, you may have the option to purchase the asset or upgrade to a newer one.

Operating Lease: Similar to a finance lease, an operating lease grants you the use of the asset for a specific period. You can return the purchase, renew the lease, or upgrade to a different asset at the end of the term.

Chattel Mortgage: With a chattel mortgage, you take ownership of the asset from the beginning. The lender secures the loan against the asset, making it a suitable option for business purposes.

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Why Choose Make My Finance for Your Perth Business?

Comprehensive Expertise: At Make My Finance, we understand that asset finance is not just about transactions; it's about securing your financial future. Our team brings in-depth knowledge of the field, ensuring that you receive expert guidance every step of the way.

Tailored Solutions: We recognize that no two financial situations are the same. That's why we take the time to understand your unique requirements, allowing us to craft personalized asset finance solutions that align perfectly with your goals.

Transparency and Honesty: Our values of transparency and honesty guide everything we do. We keep you informed at every process stage, ensuring you understand the terms, options, and potential outcomes clearly.

Holistic Approach: Make My Finance your one-stop shop for asset finance. Our expertise extends to accounting and broking, giving you a comprehensive solution that addresses all your financial needs under one roof.

Client-Centric Approach: You are our priority. Our team is dedicated to making your experience seamless and stress-free. Your needs come first; we go the extra mile to ensure your asset finance journey is smooth and successful.

Flexible Options: With a range of asset finance options, including hire purchase, finance lease, operating lease, and chattel mortgage, we empower you to choose the solution that best suits your preferences and circumstances.

Long-Term Solutions: Our commitment to quality over quantity means prioritising your long-term financial well-being. We're not about quick fixes or shortcuts; we're about helping you make decisions that will benefit you for years.


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